Your ego is getting bigger and bigger
daehyun kim


I tried. So hard. To keep scrolling.

Anonymous SAYS:
Do u like anyone?

sort of?
a bit.
i don’t know…
this is new 
but it’s nice
and traditional 
we went to church today


(heart open, heart closed, heart open, heart closed, bum bum bum bum beat beat beat beat)

Anonymous SAYS:
R u into girls?

I’m totally a fan of beautiful fricken human beings-male or female. faces and features, wide smiles and even disturbed solemnity. I love people and Observing behaviors and contrasting cultures in my daliy 

what interests me is just the way people carry themselves. I’m drawn to individualism and boldness-just as a kid stares at people in public places, due to curiosity and the desire to make a genuine human interaction. I never really lost that sense of wonder. 

BUT when it comes to intimacy i can confidently say i would never ever be with a girl, that’s just like incredibly uncomfortable for me. now there WAS a situation that happened to me when i was like super duper duper duper bby status young and it was pretty bad and it plays a huge part in my faults of love and trust in others. i really hope i can just move past it and stop blaming it and stop letting it stall me from ever being sexually open to anyone and it’s complicated and I’m working on it.`

i honestly wouldn’t even mind dying a virgin 
this is too much information 

bye tumble bye